June 2010

June 2010

1st - Lucy Murch arrives at Grangewood for her 12 weeks work experience from Moreton Morell College, Warwickshire. Lucy is a live in student who brings her pony to stay also. Lucy's pony Benji is actually returning home as he was bred by us here at Grangewood, then called Alladin. We hope you both enjoy your stay.

2nd - Katherine takes out the two boys, Travis and McCoy to Hargate. Travis 4th Prelim at his very first show and McCoy and well deserved 2nd.

3rd - A sad farwell to a much loved horse, Dakota makes the journey to her new home. We hope they enjoy her as much as we did.

4th - Newmiln Chicago (Cheeko) begins his training and takes a trip out in the lorry for the first time.

11th - Chloe takes her Stage 2 Care exam at Berriewood. A pass, Well done!

12th - Katherine took Freckles and McCoy to Llanymanech to do BE 90s. Freckles 31 dressage, clear SJ and 20 penalties XC, she came out of the water and had something in her ear, whist shaking her head around completely missed the fence after. she came round and popped it no problem second time round and finished well. McCoy 44 Dressage, got to work on the concentration levels next time!! Then finished the day off nicely with a double clear being placed 10th.

16th - Hattie and McCoy take a trip to Aylesford for a fun jump with Caroline and Katherine.

17th - Cheeko goes to his very first competition at Fieldhouse to compete in the Shearwater Young Horse Class. He was a very good boy and was placed 4th.

18th - We waved Pete off to his new home.

19th - Katherine takes McCoy to his first BE100 at Catton Park, so nice and local. McCoy is still lacking concentration in his dressage and finds lots to distract himself. A good SJ with an unlucky 8 faults and a really confident clear XC.

22nd - Hattie, Freckles and McCoy all take a trip to Vale View for a jump. All good children.
Staff and clients had a great night out at Barry's new restaurant 'Simplicity' in Ashby.

26th - Freckles and McCoy go to Milton Keyens for BYEH. A very hot and busy day. Both produced lovely dressage tests, amazingly McCoy was a lot less distracted today and concentrated a little harder. A couple of fences down for each of them in the SJ section and pleasing scores for confirmation.

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