April 2009

April 2009

Caroline Moore Show Jumping and Simulated Cross Country Clinic here at Grangewood, well attended, alot of fun andf very interesting to watch if you are not brave enough to have a go.

A trip to Kingswood Arena for Clair Gordon riding her own and Grangewoods Whymsical Willy (Wardance). His very first outing with a succesful 2nd place qualifying for the Shearwater Potential Dressage Horse Championship.

04/04/09 & 05/04/09
Katherine taking Dakota and Manhattan (Hattie) for dressage training with Paul Fielder FBHS.

Cross country schooling at Newton on Hattie and Marston Gee Eye Jo (Jo).

Burnham Market. A little bigger track for Dakota but Carolines experience gave her a good careful double clear to finish in 1st place.

18/04/09 & 19/04/09
A busy weekend at Eland Lodge with Dakota on Saturday with an unfortunate cross country, pulling a shoe after a 28 start. Never mind!
Sunday, Katherine competing Jo BE 90, finished on a 42.20 and Rushton Cherry of Greschurch in BE Open finishing on 31.50 and a double clear.

Katherine, cross country schooling with Hattie at Eland Lodge.

Caroline Moores show jump clinic, a last brush up for Rebecca on Silvano Blues (Macauley) before her Stage 3 exam. The babay of the team Caereini Grand Slam (Freckles) being a little over whelmed with having to jump more than just a cross pole.

4a.m!! Yes 4a.m on the yard and an early start for Dakota, Belton Park Novice. A super day with lots to see with the dressage for the advanced classes running in the main arena. Second to go in her class we were all done early finishing 11th with a double clear.

Our last outing in April, Solihull nice and local. Katherine riding Jo in his third BE 90 finishing 19th, a very confident cross country, now ready to upgrade. Cherry and Katherine doing their 2nd second event this season finishing 12th in the BE 100 open with a double clear, ready for a Novice.

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